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meet bubbles

Meet our Special Puppy Named Bubbles

Meet Bubbles. She’s tiny, only 4 pounds and adorably cute. She was one of our 20 Mountain's Edge pups rescued from being dumped in the desert. She and 5 other female chihuahuas were surrendered to us by the owner from a terrible hoarding/breeding situation.

Even though she was only 4 months old, we saw right away that this tiny girl had a lot of problems. She needs help to make sure she can live a long and healthy life.

Bubbles came to us extremely scared and anxious. At first she was afraid of everything and would only hide, behind the washing machine or under the furniture. She seemed terrified and we can only think her first home was very scary. She also had a number of medical problems that became clear when she went for a checkup with our vet.

Bubbles got her name because when she gets really nervous, she makes bubbles with her mouth.

But now Bubbles has Red, her foster mom, one of the best! With Red’s love and special care, she’s now a happy puppy, loving, affectionate and playful. She's still shy, but she's not scared anymore. She spends most days lounging and playing with her chihuahua friends at Red’s house, enjoying life just like a puppy should.

But, little Bubbles is facing an uncertain future unless we can help her. You see, she has a life-threatening heart condition and she needs an operation soon.


bubbles fundraiser

Puppy Bubbles needs help! Your donation will help her get the heart operation she needs. Please put "for Bubbles" in the notes when you make your donation. Thank You!

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bubbles needs you

From Your Heart to Bubbles' Heart

Bubbles was born with a serious heart defect, a condition called pulmonic stenosis. This means the blood doesn’t flow properly between her heart and lungs. Dogs with this condition have serious symptoms that prevent them from living active lives, and they will develop a deadly condition called congestive heart failure.

But there is a procedure available to treat her heart defect, and Bubbles is ready to give it all she has. Bubbles’ heart operation has to be done in Los Angeles where there are veterinary heart specialists who can help her. 

With foster mom Red at her side all the way through, we know that Bubbles is going to do great. But of course, this is a serious and expensive operation. We need your help to cover the cost.



Bubbles Fundraiser

Please Donate to Bubbles Fundraiser


Can you help us give Bubbles the chance at life that she deserves and help pay for Bubbles heart operation? Any amount is truly appreciated and will only be used to pay for Bubbles’ medical care.

Bubble surgery, travel and post-surgery care will cost almost $5,000. 

We are all pulling for Bubbles to be able to be healthy and truly become the great dog we know she is. We will be posting updates on her progress on Facebook so be sure to check back to see how she's doing. Thank you for your support!



Your help is needed to get us to our goal of $5,000 and fulfill our promise to Bubbles. 

Please put "for Bubbles" in the notes when you make your Paypal donation.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card