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Foster a dog

Fostering with The Forgotten Dog Las Vegas

If you're a dog lover, you know how dogs thrive with love, care and attention. Our dogs especially need a loving home to recover from their recent situation, whether it was getting lost or being abandoned, loss of their owner or some other trauma or illness. They need time to trust again and learn habits that will make them better pets for a new family. These dogs need your help to be happier, healthier and more adoptable, and you'll feed great for having been their bridge to a better future.

What is involved in fostering?

 Fosters are assigned a foster dog when one becomes available. You will need to keep the dog safe indoors, feed it nutritious food and care for its needs.  You provide love, care and knowledge of your own pets to help your foster dog de-stress and learn good habits so it has a better chance to find its own forever family. We may ask you to bring the dog to weekly adoption events, speak with potential adopters, and sometimes take your pup to meet prospective families, if pre-approved, at a "meet and greet".

Do I need any special training or supplies?

We can supply anything you need such as dog food, beds, leashes and so on. We supply a crate to transport your pup and a martingale collar and tag that should not be removed. We will also require you to have a security or baby gate at exterior doors as well as a secure yard as many of our dogs were strays and may try to run if given an opportunity. We will do a home visit with you before you get your first dog to foster.

Can I adopt my foster dog?

Yes you can. Sometimes you just know that a dog is a good fit for your family and decide to adopt. We call that a "foster fail" and we can relate. You will need to complete the adoption questionnaire and application, and be approved like all our adoptions.


How do I become a foster?

If you have questions about fostering or want to get more information about us, give us a call or contact us.  If you are ready to start fostering, download and complete the foster agreement below and return it to us at an adoption event, or scan and email to

Once you're part of The Forgotten Dog Las Vegas family you will see how rewarding fostering can be.

Download the Foster Agreement

Complete this agreement and return it to us at

The Forgotten Dog Foster Agreement (pdf)